A Haunted House  (2004)

A Haunted House is a parody of the Paranormal Activity movie series, at least, that is what I thought at first. Instead its about an hour and a half of crude toilet humor and painfully cliché jokes that are not very funny. It begins with our protagonist welcoming his girlfriend into his house, only for strange and "hilarious" events to begin occurring shortly after.

About five minutes into the movie we have a man humping stuffed animals quickly followed by a painfully long fart joke. Clearly, the movie is off to a great start and I wish I could say it improves, but it doesn't.

The rest of the movie is filled with the same boring, bland and uninspired humor that plagued the beginning. The supernatural events only get more out of control, though you'll probably be distracted by the gross-out humor by the time anything interesting starts to happen.

The movie does have a few good jokes, I'll give it that, but the sheer number of bad jokes completely ruin them. Though A Haunted House is very adult in nature with plenty of sexual humor and coarse language it feels like it was written by children or maybe a pair of immature teenagers.

I'm not really sure what the target audience for this movie is supposed to be, its far too mature and graphic for children yet too childish and unfunny to hold an adult's interest. Unless you're heavily intoxicated you won't find much to enjoy in this film.


I wouldn't say that A Haunted House is outright sexist since there aren't really any characters who are portrayed in a positive light. Both the men and women are immature and unpleasant to be around. The sheer number of stereotypes, clichés and attempts to be edgy will probably just leave you offended instead of entertained.

If you liked the Scary Movie series you might want to check this out as the style is extremely similar and you might actually laugh more than a few times. Other than that I'd say skip it and forget you ever heard of it.
                               - Reviewed by Midnight Undead

Rating: R (Crude and sexual content, language and some drug use)
Run Time: 86 minutes
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