A Beautiful Mind (2001)

This is a movie about genius, madness, loyalty, and personal inner struggle.  John Forbes Nash is a rising star and a brilliant mathematician.  He also suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.  This is an extremely frightening disease, particularly for the sufferer, who typically hears voices in his head and finds it difficult to separate reality from hallucinations.  Delusions of grandeur are not unusual.

It is a fairly accurate depiction of schizophrenia and an exciting telling of the rise and fall of John Nash, with big plot twists.  It goes a long way toward demystifying mental illness.

The movie does, however, take some liberties in portraying his wife.  In real life, she divorces him when she can no longer cope with the extent of his problems.  She only agrees to remarry him decades later, as he is about to receive the Nobel Prize.

While Nash eventually gains control over his illness through mental efforts alone, in the vast majority of cases, the solution lies in finding the right medication and the right dosage.


It is hard to believe that this is the same Russel Crowe of Gladiator fame.  The only similarity is that in each role he plays a man of tremendous inner strength, who struggles against impossible obstacles.

If you are interested in personal struggle and the workings of the mind, then I highly recommend this movie.
                           - Reviewed by Paul G.
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