Anchorman (2004)

This is very much a male-bashing film with an assortment of standard negative stereotypes dragged out and paraded about until all but a true man-hater is bored to death.

Once we are treated to a few negative stereotypes: stupidity, heavy drinking, womanizing, ego, etc a woman is added to the all-male news team.  Then the men, who are both stupid and evil resist tooth and nail.  This woman then heroically stuggles against such bigotry to assume her place on the team.  This is a feminist version of the 1970s.


History is a beautiful thing, because few people know very much about it.  That leaves people free to make up history according to their own beliefs.  I call this "History in the Making".  When I studied Engineering in the 1980s the standard story in the media was that female engineering students were bullied, maginalized etc, because the male dominated profession did not want there to be female engineers.  A picture of heroic young women struggling against male resistance  was created.  There was even an urban legend about several male students asking a female student on dates to keep her from studying for her exams.


However, my personal experience showed just the opposite to be true.  Not only were female students welcomed and accepted without a single word (that I ever heard) of complaint, but they received preferrential treatment.  There are still scholarships, for instance, that are reserved for women only as well as programs designed to encourage more women to enroll.

The movie then treats us to low grade humor similar to "Dumb and Dumber", including
the obligatory groin kick.  Obviously we would be horrified if even one movie included a man humorously kicking a woman in the groin or kicking her breasts, because women's feelings matter.  Within the context of our western, anti-male culture the film is not very funny.

If your girlfriend demands that you watch this movie, it's a bad sign.  If she agrees to see something better instead, then you've found a good women.  Hurray!!
                             - Reviewed by: Paul G.
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