Being John Malkovitch (1999)

Widely acclaimed as "strikingly original plot" (I will give it that), this movie made my skin crawl because of the way it treated men.


The first thing about this movie that bothered me is that it is COMPLETELY AMORAL.  There is no conception of right or wrong, good or evil.  Every character is grossly selfish... male and female.  Except for one of the biggest victim of all - John Malkovitch himself.  Everyone screws with his life, and he never did a thing to deserve it.

The female characters are horribly wretched, cruel and selfish... but they end the movie in a beautiful lesbian relationship with each other.  While the main male character is in a horrible, purgatorial state for eternity, though you can hardly argue that he was any worse morally than those two witches.

(Okay, the back story of the movie is so strange I would need to go into greater detail, but it's treatment of men was hideous)
                            - Reviewed by Dayenud

Rated: R in the USA, 14A in Canada, 15 in the UK.

Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes                     Similar Movies: None
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Happy males indicate pro-male content, or honest treatment of important aspects of men's lives.

Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).