Broken Flowers  (2005)

I've read a bunch of reviews of the movie and from my perspective I don't think a single one of them "got it."

The don Juan story changes over time and this time I think Jarmusch really set out to tell it from the perspective of modern guys.

Think about the title. The "Broken Flowers" are the women. Every reviewer caught on to the fact that he was non-commital to his current girlfriend, yet didn't catch on to what was obvious to me:

That when pressed she didn't even know what she wanted so what she wanted really was the flattery of man willing to commit.

Second, the fact that Bill and his neighbor question whether she sent the letter shows that she was probably a manipulative jerk, so why should he have committed?


And that's the theme: everyone calls him Don Juan and questions why he never married, yet -- which one of those women should he have committed to? The white trash? The woman who makes her living supposedly communicating with animals? The NASCAR widow and her daughter who, the only emotion they mustered for her husband's fiery death was "It was on TV and everything!"


The Men's Issues themes throughout that movie were so plentiful that I wonder if Jarmusch reads this forum!

Even the fact that he became wealthy through computers while the women do things like Animal Communicator and Closet Organizer.

And of course the main theme: that some woman denied him fatherhood and a boy a father simply because it was easier to do than otherwise.


Great flick.

I could write for an hour about this movie. I predict that if the emotional obscurity of men is some day lifted in our culture that this movie could be seen as the ground breaking first in an entire genre.
                            - Reviewed by: Bluegrass

Rated: R in USA, 15 in UK, 14A in Canada due to foul language, some nudity and drug use.
Duration: 1 hour, 46 minutes
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