Charlie's Angels (2000)

A lot of men are sucked into seeing this movie thinking that they will see some skin of three hot and sassy women.  But they're getting something different.


Maybe that was a fair description of the Charlie's Angels series of the late 70s, but the movie has turned down right militant.  It is just 98 minutes of male-bashing.  The pattern is always verbal put-downs followed by physical assault.

There are a number of stunts ripped off the James Bond movies, but performed not quite as well or as colourfully.

The trade-off of putting up with an anti-male theme in order see some pretty women is a poor bargain.  I didn't find the leading women, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, or Lucy Liu to be particularly attractive and especially not after they open their mouths.

Bill Murray plays a weak role with little to say.

The ideal audience for this film would be lesbians, since they could appreciate the skinny women and also the man-hating message. 
                                         - Reviewed by Paul G

Rated: PG-13 for violence and sexual innuendo.
Duration: 98 minutes        
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