The Chronicles of Narnia (2005)

I loved it. I did not consider it watered down tripe at all. The effects were absolutely amazing.  I did not see typical PC crap, as the girls WERE in large part protected from the violence (it would have been a girl killing the ultimate evil if it were politically correct and then becoming high queen) it stayed reletively faithful to the book. There were some minor changes such as the kids all went to Narnia together because Edmund hit a ball through the window and they were hiding, not because they were trying to avoid Mrs. McCreedy's historical veiwing of the house.


They also added in an awesome scene which set up the whole thing. There is an air raid, and the kids and mother are trying to get into the shelter outside. Edmund runs back in the house, scaring everyone and angering his brother Peter to get a picture of his FATHER who is fighting in the war. Then as they are getting on the train to leave for the country, he watches the soldiers coming back wistfully. This was not in the book, but I felt made Edmund just come alive, and stressed the importance of the father.

Then, in Mr. Tumnus's house, after Tumnus was taken by the queen, Edmund steps on the picture of Mr. Tumnus's father, and the camera lingers a moment, giving Edmund pause. I liked the reminders of the father throughout.

I personally thought the pacing was perfect, the scenes were gorgous, the acting was extremely good, especially considering that the four main characters were children.

No male bashing, no kicking in the nuts, awesome but not overly gory battle scenes. (I can understand why some thought the battle scenes lacked realism, but it IS a movie for children, and it was done appropriately) The battle scenes did convey the fear, the power of the creatures, and the horror of battle without being too graphic.

The queen was awesome, especially in her battle garb, with the polar bear chariot (it would have given me nightmares as a child) and the way she fought with 2 swords was really wild. Aslan was so compassionate and looked like a real lion ( I would not consider that cuddly, what else should he look like than a real lion?) and when he came back you just knew he would be kicking butt and taking names later.


Father Christmas made you want to believe again. They did not call him Father Christmas, but they mentioned Christmas many times, and that is what he was. The beavers were as they always should have been, not the huge stuffed and awkward things on the BBC television show. The minotaur and the centaur generals were excellent as were the griffons, and Mr. Tumnus was just lovable.

This all said, it is easy for me to find the magic in these movies, I loved LOR and the first 3 Harry Potters. I am not overly critical of some aspects as long as the movie strives to keep the spirit of the book it is based on. I do believe that this movie did that. My kids loved it as well, athough the 15 yr old was too busy trying to ignore the teen girls behind him than talk to us about the movie!
                    - Reviewed by The Biscuit Queen

Rated: PG due to battle scenes and frightening moments.
Duration: 140 minutes
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