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Male-bashing & negative stereotypes (puking).
                                       Crank (2006)

The film had a great concept that is marred by sloppy execution. The movie begins with british hitman Chev Chelios waking up to find he has been poisoned with a lethal drug that will stop his heart soon. Deciding that he would llike to go out with some style he attempts to say goodbye to his girlfriend, settle a few scores, and get revenge on the guy who poisoned him.


Let me say that if you are expecting a serious action movie with lots of drama and intense moments, you should look elsewhere. This movie is more like a dark comedy mixed with a video game than a straight up action movie. The above paragraph is pretty much a complete summary of the plot. Realism and physics fly out the window so viewers can watch Jason Statham beat people senseless and cause mayhem for anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path.


Ok, so the movie is pretty mindless, but how are men portrayed? Not very well. Our "hero" Chev glorifys violence, drug abuse, rape... he is not a nice man. Unfortunately, most other men in this movie are just as violent, stupid, or sometimes a combination of both. Really, if this movie had been serious and cut down on the absurdity and mindless carnage and focused a bit more on developing a coherent plot and more likable characters the movie would have been a lot better.


Unless you are the kind of man who likes his action moves to cross the line from edgey to offensive and induge in brutal violence rather than tell a half coherent story you'll likely dislike what this film has to offer. If you can tolerate an hour and a half of what was likely written by a couple frat boys and a five year old on a suger rush or are a serious Jason Statham fan you might be able to enjoy this movie. Otherwise, just skip it. You can do a lot better.
                          - Reviewed by Midnight Undead

Run time: 1 hour 33 minutes
Rating: R (Violence, sexual themes, nudity, strong language, and drug use)
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