Dead Husbands (1998)

Bad acting and a poor script are the hallmarks of this cheesy, low budget film.  John Ritter, the sellout male, plays a stereotypical wimpy, stupid, and fearful man, which is not much of a stretch for him.  It is his trademark character.

He plays a best selling author of books about marriage, which he knows nothing about, of course, because he is a man.

Various women in the film are burdened by husbands who have outlived their usefulness. They then murder their husbands one-by-one.

While feminists will say that domestic violence against women and the murder of women is the most serious of all topics that should never be trivialized in any way, they feel that domestic violence against men is a hoot.  It was in this spirit that "Dead Husbands" was made.

While 41% of spousal homicide victims in the USA are men, there are virtually no social services for battered husbands.  Feminists work to support the status quo by pushing an absurd theory that all these thousands of murders of men must somehow be in self-defense.  You can read NOW (National Organization for Women) propaganda until you bust a gut laughing, but you won't see any compassion for men, no matter what they have suffered.

Anyway, trivializing spousal violence is always in very bad taste.  Even from an amoral point of view, the film was made to very low standards.
                             - Reviewed by: Paul G.
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