Probably the most famous study of domestic violence was conducted by Murray Straus.  This study found that a woman is abused by her spouse every 15 seconds.  It also found that a man is abused by his spouse every 14 seconds.

Thousand of newspapers, magazines and TV shows reported the first statistic, but only a tiny few reported the second.

Completely one-sided discussions of domestic abuse are not aberrations, but are standard for every type of media.  This misleads the average person to believe that spousal abuse involves only male perpatrators and only female victims.

As a direct result of this barrage of misinformation, the vast majority of battered husbands do not have access to domestic violence shelters or counselling.  Police regularly refuse to respond to calls from battered husbands.  Women attack their husbands with impunity.  Murdering their husbands as a culmination of their violence against him, they can then claim "battered wife syndrome" and get off with an extremely light sentence.

RADAR works to spread awareness of the existance of male victims of domestic violence, so that men can enjoy the same compassion and protection we now afford to women only.  Through their web site, RADAR coordinates letter writing campaigns targeted at the print and broadcast media and at people in positions of power.

The current campaign is to make the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) gender neutral, so that social services for male victims could receive some of the one billion dollars currently allocated for women only.
RADAR - Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting
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