Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Sam Raimi returns with his amazing horror genre as a break from the Spiderman movies. Drag me to Hell is about extremely bad things happening to extremely nice people with a touch of comedy.


A benevolent young woman with a potentially great job and a very nice boyfriend pisses off the wrong person and for her trouble is put under a spell and ends up in a race against time to solve the mystery lest she spend all eternity being tortured in hell.

I was very impressed with this movie as it was the first horror themed film to really make me jump in years. It has a lot of satanic imagery and gore which is not for the faint of heart and is very well put together.


With regard to male bashing and male postivity things are kept neutral. The main character is likeable and so is her boyfriend and there are both male and female antagonists which are very easy to spot. There is some stereotyping with the 'chauvenist' male boss and male domination in the workplace.

There is also stereotyping about old ladies with diabolical powers. I guess the ultimate message was: the female character might be a good person but can we really forgive a banker?


Overall I found this to be a great watch. If you liked the Evil Dead films then this is unmissable!
                               - Review by Maximilian

Rated: PG13 in USA, 15 in UK and 14A in Canada due to horror violence, disturbing images and foul language.
Duration: 1 hour and 39 minutes
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