Fight Club (1999)

I don't know if its one of your favorite movies or not, but its one of mine. Also it's one of my favorite books.

Fight Club a very complicated movie about lost men coming together. It's a movie about materialism, modern society, and escape from it.  By means of underground boxing clubs.  In fight club it was beat up your opponent until they either don't want to continue any more or can't continue anymore.

I'm not talking about this type of raw bare knuckle brawling like in the movie for real, but something that is more practical in real life for men to come together.  Instead of the no rules, brutal style of fight club, more of a martial arts Men's Club.  Basically a group of thirty or forty men maybe that gets together and learns the discipline, style, and balance of a martial art form.

It would be a way that would allow men to connect uniquely to each other.  Learn about balance, natural movement of the body, conflict, to both come know the body and respect its ability and limitations.
                                        - Reviewed by Kyle Reidy

This film stars Edward Norton as the Narrator, Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden, Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer, and Meat Loaf as Bob Paulson(Meat Loaf Aday).

Rated: R in the USA, 18 in most other countries.

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