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Each year, NCFM presents this award to a media source for bringing male perspectives on important issues before the general public.

Year 2004 - Glenn Sacks, is a men's and fathers' issues columnist and a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host. His radio show, "His Side with Glenn Sacks," can be heard on KMPC 1540 AM in Los Angeles and on KKOL 1300 AM in Seattle.

Glenn speaks out on a variety of men's issues such as battered husbands, gender bias in the media, denial of access between children and their fathers, misandry (the hatred of men and boys), as well as discrimination in school and in the workplace. He also fights against sexist gender portrayals on television.

His columns have appeared in dozens of the largest newspapers in the United States, including the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, the Houston Chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Orange County Register, the Newark Star-Ledger, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Sacramento Bee, the Detroit News, the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, the Hartford Courant, the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Salt Lake City Tribune, the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, the Providence Journal, the Colorado Springs Gazette, Insight magazine, the Washington Times, and others.

He has made over 100 radio and TV appearances, including the O'Reilly Factor, CNN's TalkBack Live, Fox News Live, Fox News America at War, ESPN, the Mike Gallagher Show, the Michael Medved Show, the Tom Leykis Show, Fox News Live with Alan Colmes, the Al Rantel Show, the Gary Nolan Show, the Charles Goyette Show, the Bill Handel Morning Show, the Australian Broadcasting Company's Morning Program, the Michael Jackson Show, the Chris Core Show, the Stacy Taylor Show, the Ricci Ware Show, the WOR Morning Show with Ed Walsh, the Blanquita Cullum Show, the Michael Graham Show, Ken & Co. with Ken Minyard, the Sterling Show, the Michael Fleming Show, American Family Radio, America Live, the George Noory Show, the Dennis Prager Show, Allred and Taylor and The Dolans.

Glenn's work is regularly featured or has appeared on hundreds of websites, including NewsMax.com, WorldNetDaily.com, BBC.co.uk, Heritage.org, Pravda.ru, JewishWorldReview.com, WorldTribune.com, CybercastNewsService.com, Rush Limbaugh.com, iFeminists.com, MensNewsDaily.com, DrLaura.com, AntiWar.com, IndyMedia.org, MediaTransparency.org, FreeRepublic.com, Rense.com, LewRockwell.com, CatholicExchange.com, AgapePress.com, IWF.org, Mensactivism.com and FrontPageMagazine.com.

- Glenn's work has been translated into over a half-dozen languages, including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian and Italian.

- He appeared on a Sacramento radio show specifically to defend NCFM-LA's lawsuit against state funded DV shelters that exclude men.