Hard Candy (2005)

David Slade's Hard Candy is a prime example of what mainstream feminists are thinking, as evidenced by their Wear Red Campaign.  The ‘wear red' is obviously related to the allegory of Hard Candy's so called  protagonist Hayley Stark wearing red clothes like Little Red Riding Hood on the promotional posters for this tragic film.

The idea is that she (Riding Hood) defeats the alleged paedophile (the wolf) at his own game.  This movie was made to empower the vast majority of the Western female population who seem to have this obsession with male castration.  Maybe David Slade's intentions were otherwise but that is what it looks like.

This movie is about torture, castration and extreme violence against men.  Five foot tall Stark (Ellen Page) first appears to be a cute, naive 14 year old who arranges to meet a mysterious adult man called Jeff (Patrick Wilson).  After discovering pictures of underage girls in his house she suspects him of being a paedophile involved with a murder of a child.

After drugging him she reveals her true colours as a possibly psychotic child genius paedophile vigilante complete with superhuman strength and the torture skills of a terrorist.  She castrates him while he is conscious, even after he tells her his painful childhood memories.  Although it is implied that she did not in fact remove his testicles he is seen screaming like a toddler and by the end of the film agrees to hang himself.  It is implied he was involved with illegal things but this man never touched her.


It is ridiculous of Slade to think we will believe a 99Ib 5' 0'' girl can hoist around a man nearly double her weight and size as if he was small carpet and recover from a kick to the head in seconds.  The bit where he lashes out at her while he has noose round his neck and gets his legs around her neck in a scissor hold would have broken her neck instantly.  Very silly stuff.

Hard Candy contains extreme dehumanisation of men.  Although many would disagree on the basis that the rather pathetic and dumb male character Jeff is seen suffering and breaking and because of Ellen Page's unbelievably repulsive, manipulative and evil character portrayal.  Granted her performance is a testimony to her acting skills although judging by her interviews she is quite indoctrinated with feminist dogma such as the evil patriarchy etc.  In fact, given her views on this film, one wonders if her acting is really all that.  Just search for her interview on this movie.


If you were to reverse the sexes and have a teenage boy trap an alleged female paedophile who had say been released on probation or whatever and he subjected her to the abuse Jeff suffered in this movie and moreover the retribution female paedophiles mostly never receive then this movie would be banned without question!
                             - Reviewed by: Mr. Doesntgiveadamn

Rated: UK: 18, USA: R, Canada: 18A for disturbing, violent and aberrant sexual content involving a teen, and for language (Also, gender based hatred is promoted.)
Duration: 1 hour and 44 minutes
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