Hitch  (2005)

This is a comedy/romance movie directed by Andy Tennant, starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes and Kevin James.

It is about a professional dating doctor (Will Smith) known as 'Hitch', who helps men to land dates with the women they are interested in.  He is currently helping shapely, clumsy Albert who is obsessed with a very powerful, famous and rich woman called Allegra.


At the same time, Hitch has become interested in a gossip columnist, Sara, (Eva Mendes) who has been assigned to write about Allegra.  The best girlfriend of Sara has a love disillusion with a man that Sara thinks was a client of Hitch.  She plots revenge against Hitch and the misunderstanding leads the two couples to a conflictive situation.

This film is not one that men should see as it has a lot of male-bashing and both subtle and blatant misandry.  There are also double standards that you would have to be blind not to spot.  Hitch and Sara are both very guarded around the opposite sex.  Hitch still likes women despite his burns from them in the past and is teaching men to make them happy.


Sara, on the other hand is very sexist and makes frequent anti-male comments along the lines of "Men want to screw anything that walks."  She is self-obsessed and knows she looks like a goddess and knows there are no 'real men' out there.

What pissed me off most of all was scene with the 'asshole' guy who wanted a quicky from Sara's best friend.  He is a defenseless 'victim'.  Even after being turned down physically by Hitch, he receives as blow to the genitals from Sara, after which she says "Now I'm satisfied."  Add to that the "women are still oppressed" vibes you get from Allegra not being allowed to spend her own money after asking permission from a table of men.


In spite of all the bullcrap assumptions and generalizations (Women can always tell when you ain't being straight with them?) this movie does have the correct point that in America, love simply doesn't exist.

There are some funny parts in this film, such as Albert and his dancing habits, but this film overall only beats the dreadful film Honey by a marginal amount.
                 - Reviewed by: Mr. Doesn'tGiveaDamn

Rated: PG13 in USA, 12 in UK due to violence, foul language and sexual references.
Duration: 1 hour & 58 minutes
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