Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

As all Hitchhiker fanatics know, the story starts out with the total destruction of the planet Earth.  Fortunately, our hero Arthur Dent is whisked away in a nick of time.  Saved by his alien friend Ford Prefect, he is doomed to travel the galaxy and endure numerous exciting adventures, while sipping tea or wishing he had some.

The Hitchhiker books are the best Sci-Fi comedy of all time, but this movie adaptation misses the mark.  People who have never read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books tend to say that the movie is OK and good for a few laughs.  Those who have read the books say that the movie is a disaster, because the characters and story are different and the genius of the original has been lost in the adaptation.
                                                    - Paul G.

Review #1
Saw this film today. After seeing it I felt like a child who had just had his favourite toy truck smashed.  I love the books, the radio series, the TV series, and I thought I should at least see the movie.  IT IS DIRE!  If you havent read the books do that first, don't see this first.  The beautiful comic poetry and wonderment that was present in the origional has been ruined, completely, to put it simply...

Characters - ruined (they even managed to screw up Marvin the Paraniod ((and now greatly more cute and marketable)) Android.

Plot - made up, lame, twaddle

Dialog - ruined, jokes trashed, the whittiness has lost its flair and has been replaced by stumbling, clumsy, hollow lines.

The film also takes itself far too seriously and assumes that funny = random.

Some moviegoers will also notice blatent sexism in the movie - where the female lead claimes that women are the only sex with the ability to empathise with other humans. This film has only two redeeming features- the Vogon's benefitted from the special effects, and Stephen Fry was an excellent choice to play the guide.

If you saw this and thought it was a bit lame- please, please, please read the books.
                                                    - Matt99

Review #2
I only read the first 2 books in the series and saw the movie on opening night.  Overall, I think that the movie was good and at least had the "spirit" of the books.  However, I could not help but notice the gynocentric aspect added to the movie:

1) The female character, Trillian, was almost made the center of the story, as opposed to Arthur's adventures in space.
2) Gender snub.  The gun that makes the target see other peoples point of view doesnt work on Trillian because she is "already a woman".  Stupid!
3) Males existance is pointless without females. I think that towards the end of the movie, Arthur even made a statement, something to the effect of "his life was pointless until he found female companion", or something similar.                                                                       
                                                   - Renegade

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