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TAKE A LOOK at the following U.S. homicide figures by sex for the year 2000, as reported by the Statistical Abstract of the United States at Table No. 313. Homicide Victims by Race and Sex: 1980 to 2000


There were over three times as many male homicides as female.

Now peruse the homicide rates by sex and race per 100,000 population:
Black Men:------------38.6
Black Women:---------7.5
White Men:-------------5.3
WHITE WOMEN:-----2.1

White women, as can be seen, are by far the least victimized by homicide. Yet cable TV's crime-show producers must think just the opposite. Consider some of their programs: Court TV's, "Forensic Files", "Body of Evidence", "I, Detective", Discovery Channel's, "The New Detectives", "Justice Files", "The FBI Files", A&E's "American Justice", "Cold Case Files", "Investigative Reports". These programs cover one crime topic almost exclusively: the murder of white women -- night after night after night....

Check out, for example,
Court TV's program descriptions. You'd think white women were virtually the only victims of murder in America. And some people, particularly feminists, might be swayed to wonder if women are being hunted down and killed nearly like the Jews were in Hitler's Germany.

But other people, after learning of the over 300-percent higher murder rate for men, may wonder why aren't a lot more male homicides, especially black male homicides, qualifying as a worthy program topic. Instead, almost every time I channel-surf into one of these programs, I find an investigation into the murder of a white woman. [For the record, I am white.]

Suppose the programs' producers somehow labor under the impression that women are murdered at a greater rate than men -- which would make the producers as out of touch as flat-worlders -- and that women's murders therefore deserve near-exclusive coverage. Why, then, don't they air the investigation of a black woman's murder more than once in a blue moon, especially considering that black women are murdered at a rate three times higher than white women? I believe the producers are guilty of both racism and sexism.

Why this intense fixation on females? Do the producers see females as "worthy" victims? As profit-minded enterprisers, do they simply seek to capitalize on the gender compassion gap that generates more sympathy for female victims and hence draws more viewers and advertisers? Do they think sympathy for men is so deficient that TV viewers perceive male homicides as "Ho hum"? Or can I charge them with the crime of operating while under the influence of gender feminists whose aim is to politicize murder as principally a crime against women and to hence justify ever more increases in government funding to protect women, especially, it seems, white women, who are the safest group in America despite the notion of "a culture of violence against women", a notion fueled largely by cable TV's nightly parade of white female homicides?

In any case, the over-representation of female homicides on cable TV is not only unfair to men, but it can only enrage many women over "the epidemic of violence against women", while terrifying many others at the idea of just going out for a loaf of bread.

Let's tell the producers what we think about their biased programs!

(For more on how the media frighten American women, see the newly published book, "
Spin Sisters".

Wednesday, 17 March 2004