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                                            Teeth (2007)

Teeth, a movie celebrating extreme violence against men, was directed by a man which I was really sad to hear.  Such men will go to any length to appeal to the population of Western women, especially in the UK and USA.  Dawn (played by Jess Weixer who should be ashamed of herself) is a chastity group spokesperson at her school.  She discovers she has teeth in her vagina.  Some sort of homage to the 'vagina dentata' myth.


Bar one static character virtually every male in the movie whether a young boy, teenage boy, middle aged gynecologist or a very old man is portrayed as the lowest form of human life - evil, sex fiends who just want to nail this 'attractive' female 'victim.'  In particular is the psychotic step brother.  They all suffer the fate of being severely maimed - mostly having their penises cut off.  We are treated to an extremely gory screen shot of a severed penis and the stump in the man's groin which is covered in blood.


Would it ever be acceptable if a film was made about a man with a penis that shoots out acid or molten lead in or at a woman's body parts?  Would anyone call that movie a dark comedy with a tongue in cheek feel to it?  That's what everyone is saying about Teeth.  Nice guys are the main target of violence in films like these which really gives a clear idea of how women view them - as creeps.  If you want one indication that our society suffers from a highly concentrated abundance of sick perverted women and self-hating men then you really need not look any further.


You may have noticed that over the years Western women have become obsessed with this disgusting and bloody evil fascination with the idea of male castration. The severing of the penis and or testicles. The woman who finds these connotations of violence as disgusting as those who opposed the Klu Klux Klan do are the exception it would seem.  Many Western women, our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and whatever will laugh at the idea of their fellow human beings suffering a fate which in all brutal honesty is a degree of atrocity above rape.  There is so much more that can be said about this misandric freak show, but rest assured that Teeth will one day become a weapon in the Men's Movement.
                                       - Reviewed by: Mr. Doesntgiveadamn

Rated: R in USA due to disturbing sequences involving sexuality and violence, language and some drug use.
Duration: 1 hour and 28 minutes
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