The Vagina Monologues

This is an extreme feminist/lesbian play in which women portray talking vaginas.  It is an expression of hatred toward men and a denunciation of hetrosexual relationships.

The play forms the center-piece of a feminist push to rename Valentine's Day to be "Vagina Day" or "V-Day" for short.  The idea being to replace women's romantic thoughts of men, with thoughts about female rape victims and female victims of domestic violence.  Lesbian relationships are held up as the way to eliminate these particular crimes.

The rape of a 12 year old girl by a 24 year old woman is portrayed as a very positive thing with the actress, playing the girl, saying "If it was rape, it was a very good rape."  You can see that their concern about rape is not very genuine.  Having been initiated into lesbian sex, it is then explained that the young girl will never be dependant on a man and will never be a victim of domestic violence. (In some later versions the girl's age has been increased to 16.)

The fundamental premise of the play, that all the perpetrators of domestic violence are men and all the victims are women, is simply wrong.  Millions of
battered husbands know this, but young college girls are more easily mislead.

The idea that lesbian relationships are a refuge from domestic violence is also false.  An article in "The Empty Closet", a magazine produced by the gay/lesbian community of New York indicates that
"Domestic violence in lesbian couples is largely the same as it is in heterosexual relationships."

Of course, battered husbands and lesbian violence are taboo topics that would ruin the anti-male and anti-heterosexual message of the play.
Guys...If your girlfriend says she saw the play and she liked it, save yourself!  Find another girlfriend!  Just some man-to-man advice.
                                             - Reviewed by Paul G.

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