Return of The Jedi. The scene at the end where Darth turns on Sideous to help his son is really good and an awesome twist.

User: Mr. X
Best male positive movie is honestly A Goofy Movie. My daughter and I watched it all the time and it was out movie just for the two of us. Great morals, yeah you have the goofy father but in the end it is all very good.

User: Quentin0352
I will add one movie I like and that is The Fifth Element.

And to make a side note, nearly every movie mentioned, either Jedi, or Fight Club, Narnia, and even King Kong, all have the same theme of man's spirituality and antonement. These movies appeal to men because this force is in all men.

User: Dan Lynch
I would add Chronicles of Narnia to the list. I won't explain things here since I don't want to spoil the movie for any of you who haven't read the books but I saw it as male friendly with both men and women portrayed in roles that were good and bad. That is all I ask. Mix it up like in real life where some men and some women are in the wrong and some are in the right. Tough concept these days.

I loved
Second Hand Lions. I can remember being shocked when I first saw it how men were not portrayed as dopes. What a breath of fresh air.

User: Dr Evil

Here's an interesting movie showing in limited release that I hope to see soon.

After Innocence

"AFTER INNOCENCE tells the dramatic and compelling story of the exonerated - innocent men wrongfully imprisoned for decades and then released after DNA evidence proved their innocence. The film focuses on the gripping story of seven men and their emotional journey back into society and efforts to rebuild their lives. Included are a police officer, an army sergeant and a young father sent to prison and even death row for decades for crimes they did not commit.

The men are thrust back into society with little or no support from the system that put them behind bars. While the public views exonerations as success stories - wrongs that have been righted - AFTER INNOCENCE shows that the human toll of wrongful imprisonment can last far longer than the sentences served."

User: Men's Rights Activist
For me I think Fight Club was the first film I saw in a long time that was able to frame the current limbo many men are living, in today's society.

User: Wookie2
Go back a few years - North and South

What a beautiful story of a friendship which endured through unbelievable tests and trials - and men as well as women portrayed as both good and evil.

Skip Book Three, though.

User: contrarymary
 I believe Jarheads was a male-positive movie.

These guys of course were immature and goofy and what not.

But, they were sincere. They were real.

They weren't heroic because they really had the chance. But, you could tell they would have been heroic if the opportunity had arisen.

The movie was almost exclusively about men and the few women who did appear in the movie were not positively portrayed.

These men were largely alienated from women. This is something I could relate to.

I took my oldest son to the movie (not knowing it would be as sexually graphic in some places as it was).

The movie probably struck home -- faithless women was a large theme.

User: Zarby
Second Hand Lions!

I have to make a distinction between male-positive movies, and movies that are stories where the hero happens to be male.

I also have to make a distinction between actual life phenomina and moving picture entertainment.

User: CaptDMO

Cinderella Man gets my vote for the most male positive, father/mother FAMILY afirming movie I've ever seen. The fight scenes are almost ancillary but they do get the blood pumping. How many movies have you seen lately that portray a wife who openly says that she is proud of her husband.

User: Mikanakawa
 Male-Positive Movies
I watched Cinderella Man a bit earlier today. It's about a washed-up boxer in the Great Depression who makes a comeback in the ring in order to provide for his family. Very good movie, both in terms of camera work and in terms of capturing the emotional struggles of a man who faces crushing poverty, the loss of all the things he worked for, the ever-present threat of losing his children to starvation or to disease, and an unforgiving boxing league. In the end, though, James Braddock, the main character, ultimately comes out on top.

Definitely one worth watching. Who else has seen a good male-positive movie recently?

User: angelssk7
A huge shout out to King Kong!

Ultimately The girl fell for him for his qualities on his terms, she didn't try to change him, in fact the concept of her changing his overwhelming power and manliness would have been utterly silly.

And it was brutally honest.

In the end his unfearful and unconditional love for her, caused him his life.

User: GregA